What is necessary

Quietly losing breath She speaks Into one ear and Yet across oceans Her simple dreams And routine ways Found their path to hearts Abroad Her silent breaths are a Ticking clock Her movement gently Spells what’s lost One step back please The dance instructor states Don’t rush this time Let the music carry You past … More What is necessary


Window shades close and the lights go out No one here, but me The rest of the world—shut out Commotion, laughter, and joy Does not intrude on these Four walls. Loneliness, is all I know.


Motions and movements Mean free. Filters and followers Make dreams. Afternoon chats Are of longer bore And candid-icy No more. Fake-ness is now real And what was real, now ugly The ideal set before you: Sickness is lovely. Red is blue And blue is orange Songs are read and Poems sung Tipsy turvy What’s done … More Candid-icy